*** WooCommerce Deposits Changelog ***

12/01/2024 Version 4.3.3
         * [tweak] fixed an issue with german translations
         * [fix] fixed a fatal error in order editor admin page
         * minor bug fix

02/01/2024 Version 4.3.2
         * [fix] fixed a fatal error when editing comments
         * minor bug fix

23/12/2023 Version 4.3.1
         * [update] updated woocommerce template "checkout/form-pay.php"
         * [fix] some scripts are not loaded in admin order page when HPOS is not enabled

14/12/2023 Version 4.3.0
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 8.4.0
         * Declared official compatibility with HPOS
         * updates to internal reminder functionality

30/11/2023 Version 4.2.2

         * [fix] fixed a bug with new reminder updates

25/11/2023 Version 4.2.1
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 8.3.0
         * [fix] fixed a bug with new reminder updates

12/11/2023 Version 4.2.0
         * Improvements to HPOS Compatibility
         * [tweak] added formal German translation files
         * [tweak] Made improvements to reminders functionality
         * [fix] fixed a bug with deposit calculation in some cases

29/09/2023 version 4.1.17

         * [fix] fixed a bug with deposit calculation in some cases
         * Added HPOS Compatibility

19/08/2023 version 4.1.16

         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 8.0.0
         * [fix] fixed a bug with deposit calculation in some cases
         * [fix] fixed an incompatiblity issue with WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin

01/07/2023 version 4.1.15
         * minor bug fix

06/06/2023 version 4.1.14
         * [fix] recalculate deposit from admin editor caused total to be set to 0

31/05/2023 version 4.1.13
         * [Tweak] Reduced the timeout for plugin update & purchase code verification API calls
         * [dev] added filter 'wc_deposits_order_item_deposit_data' which allows overriding deposit data
         * minor bug fix

05/04/2023 version 4.1.12
         * [fix] Future payments settings tab was showing up empty in some environments.
         * minor bug fix

03/03/2023 version 4.1.11
         * [tweak] Prevent partial payment emails from being sent out during deposit recalculation
         * minor bug fix

25/02/2023 version 4.1.10
         * [fix] fixed an issue with adding deposit product to cart
         * [tweak] prevent plugin classes from being loaded twice in cause there is a bug caused by 3rd party
         * [tweak] Translations adjustment
         * minor bug fix

07/01/2023 version 4.1.9
         * [tweak] removal of unnecessary development code
         * minor bug fix

04/01/2023 version 4.1.8
         * [fix] Division by zero errors on product page
         * minor bug fix

19/12/2022 version 4.1.7
         * minor bug fix

15/12/2022 version 4.1.6
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 7.2.0
         * [fix] fixed an issue with partial payment date not being stored correctly when deposit is recalculated
         * [fix] fixed a display issue in admin order editor
12/11/2022 version 4.1.5
         * minor bug fix

07/11/2022 version 4.1.4
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 7.1.0
         * Updates to maintain compatibiltiy with "PDF Invoices & Packing Slips" Plugin" plugin
         * minor bug fixes

09/09/2022 version 4.1.3
         * minor bug fix

08/09/2022 version 4.1.2
         * [fix] fixed additional partial payment issue in some scenarios
         * minor bug fixes

22/08/2022 version 4.1.1
         * [fix] fixed a calculation issue with taxable negative fees.
         * [fix] fixed a calculation issue with woocommerce subscriptions.
         * [fix] fixed a division by zero error in some cases.
         * minor bug fixes

04/08/2022 version 4.1.0
         * [tweak] support of more html tags and attributes in deposit / full messages.
         * [tweak] updates to compatibility code for "WooCommerce PayPal Payments" plugin
         * [fix] fixed Division by zero in checkout mode.
         * [fix] Multiple calculation fixes for partial payments in order editor admin page.
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 6.7.0
         * Minor bug fixes

26/05/2022 version 4.0.21
         * [fix] fixed a bug with deposit calculations in order editor admin page
         * [fix] Fixed a compatibility issue with some plugins causing deposit emails to disappear from woocommerce settings
         * [fix] fixed missing translation strings issues.
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 6.5.1
         * Minor bug fix

15/04/2022 version 4.0.20
         * [fix] miscalculation in some cases where multiple coupons are used.
         * [fix] error saving some actions of varitaions bulk editor
         * minor bug fix

27/03/2022 version 4.0.19
         * [fix] fixed the functionality of partial payment invoice downloads as part of compatibilitt with "WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips" Plugin
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 6.3.1
         * Minor bug fix

12/03/2022 version 4.0.18
         * added action "wc_deposits_partial_payment_created" which is triggered after a partial payment is created
         *  added function "get_order_balance_details" allowing 3rd party plugins to retrieve paid and unpaid balanced of an order
         * basic compatibility with WooCommerce Paypal Payments plugins ( beta )

09/03/2022 version 4.0.17
         * [fix] product bulk editor issue when setting multiple payment plans

02/03/2022 version 4.0.16
         * [fix] deposit amount being set to 0 in some cases when a coupon is set to apply to future payments.

01/03/2022 version 4.0.15
         * [tweak] updates to the plain email template "wc-deposits-email-partial-payments-summary.php"
         * Minor bug fix

21/02/2022 version 4.0.14
         * [tweak] updates to compatibility class with WooCommerce PDF Invocies & Packing slips plugin
         * Minor bug fix

17/02/2022 version 4.0.13

        * [fix] improved calculation for discounts when discount amount is larger than deposit / future payments
        * [dev] added the filter "wc_deposits_checkout_mode_available_payment_plans" allowing the manipulations of available payment plans in checkout mode
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 6.2.0

08/02/2022 version 4.0.12
         * [fix] miscalculation in checkout mode fixed deposit situation
         * [fix] compatibility issue with ShopMagic for WooCommerce
         * [tweak] added filter "wc_deposits_product_disable_deposit_ajax_refresh" to allow disabling ajax refresh of deposit container

02/02/2022 version 4.0.11
         * [fix] compatibility issue with Woocommerce Tm Extra Product options on product page
         * [fix] compatibility issue with ShopMagic for WooCommerce
         * minor bug fixes.

29/01/2022 version 4.0.10
         * [fix] Admin new order email not being triggered in some cases
         * [fix] manually added discounts were being removed during deposit recalculation
24/01/2022 version 4.0.9
         * [fix] PHP error for WooCommerce bookings "has_persons" functions fixed.
         * minor bug fix

20/01/2022 version 4.0.8
         * Minor bug fix

15/01/2022 version 4.0.7
         * Improved compatibility with WooCommerce Appointments by BookingWP

14/01/2022 version 4.0.6
         * [Fix] date being displayed instead of Future payment even when no due date is set.
         * [Fix] display of placeholder {partial_payment_number} disappeared in some cases

12/01/2022 version 4.0.5
         * [Tweak] Improved email triggers for partial payments.
         * [Tweak] Replaced is_ajax() with wp_doing_ajax() following WooCommerce 6.1.0.
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 6.1.0

05/01/2022 version 4.0.4
         * [Fix] Multiply deposit per persons for woocommerce bookings plugin was not always working correctly.

25/12/2021 version 4.0.3
         * [Tweak] Added warning message when some functions are invoked directly to improve
                   custom code backward compatibility.

23/12/2021 version 4.0.2
         * Minor bug fix to checkout mode calculation
         * [Fix] false "payment failed" error on thankyou page in some cases

23/12/2021 version 4.0.1
         * Minor fix to 4.0.0 database update process

21/12/2021 version 4.0.0
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 6.0.0
         * [Feature] Global Deposit options added.
         * [Feature] Fixed Payment Plans.
         * [Feature] Added a button to remove all deposit data from order.
         * [Feature] Added a setting to hide deposit UI when deposit is forced.
         * [Feature] Added a setting to allow having itemized partial payment instead of single line payments only.
         * [Tweak] Reworked deposit calculation functionalities to eliminate some rounding bugs.
         * [Tweak] Reworked plugin settings for better user experience.
         * [Tweak] Removed Setting for shipping taxes handling, for better calculation shipping taxes values are handled with shipping

06/11/2021 version 3.2.12
         * Minor bug fix

26/10/2021 version 3.2.11
         * Added notification for major upcoming update (v4.0)
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.8.0

01/10/2021 version 3.2.10
         * [Fix] Error making payment on order-pay page for some gateways
         * [Fix] Duplicate deposit email triggered in some cases

27/09/2021 version 3.2.9
         * [Fix]  issue was occurring with grouped products while being added to cart
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.7.1

17/09/2021 version 3.2.8
         * [Fix] Grouped products deposit values were incorrect in some scenarios.
         * Minor bug fix

07/09/2021 version 3.2.7
         * [Tweak] display a notification message to pay-for-order page when main order cannot be paid for.
         * Minor bug fix

31/08/2021 version 3.2.6
         * [Tweak] added filter "wc_deposits_deposit_enabled_for_customer" to allow 3rd party control over display of deposit UI based on customer

22/08/2021 version 3.2.5
         * [Fix] Deposit received email being triggered when a post-deposit partial payment is completed manually
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.6.0

11/08/2021 version 3.2.4
         * [Tweak] Admin can now view plugin latest version and changelog without inserting purchase code
         * Minor display fix

08/08/2021 version 3.2.3
         * Updates to some translation strings and default values.

05/08/2021 version 3.2.2
         * [Fix] issue with partial payment status transition from on-hold to partially-paid

28/07/2021 version 3.2.1
         * [Fix] issue with HTML escaping in deposit / full messages

25/07/2021 version 3.2.0
         * Code enhancement & removed unused code
         * Updates to ensure all plugin strings are escaped properly
         * updates to all JavaScript functions to ensure running in strict mode
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.5.1
         * [Fix] Fixed bug with wrong deposit values when customer create account during checkout.
         * [Fix] rounding amounts issue at partial payment level
         * [Tweak] Implemented plugins API to display plugin changelog from plugins page in wordpress
         * Minor bug fixes

15/06/2021 version 3.1.7
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.4.0
         * Minor bug fix

07/06/2021 version 3.1.6
         * [Fix] : payment plans display is not sorted by name.
         * Minor bug fix

31/05/2021 version 3.1.5
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.3.0
         * Minor bug fix

07/05/2021 version 3.1.4
         * [Feature] : allow overriding taxes , shipping & fees settings when recalculating deposit in admin order editor
         * [Fix] : rounding fix in deposit calculations
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.2.2
         * Minor bug fix

31/03/2021 version 3.1.3
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.1.0
         * Minor bug fix

29/03/2021 version 3.1.2
         * [Tweak] Some changes in DB Queries to improve performance.
         * [Fix] "All Bookings" now include partially paid bookings ( WooCommerce Bookings compatibility enhancement)
         * [Tweak] : Improved compatibility with Paypal Express checkout ( by WooThemes )
         * Minor bug fix

08/03/2021 version 3.1.1
         * Fix : tax calculation for payment plans when customer change country
         * Minor bug fix

04/03/2021 version 3.1.0
         * Tweak: added deposit tab to coupon data panel in coupon editor page
         * Feature : setting to disable a coupon when cart has deposit
         * Feature : setting to automatically apply a coupon when customer is paying full amount ( no deposit in cart)
         * Feature : Added compatibility class to support WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway
         * Minor bug fix

22/02/2021 version 3.0.15
         * Tweak : enhanced deposit form reload when woocommerce product adds are changed
         * Minor fix to some translations

21/02/2021 version 3.0.14
         * Fix : reminder email custom subject and heading is now applied properly.

19/02/2021 version 3.0.13
         * Fix : setting "wc_deposits_order_fully_paid_status" value was saved incorrectly

18/02/2021 version 3.0.12
         * Fix : reflect partial payment refunds on amounts in partial payments table.
         * Minor bug fix

16/02/2021 version 3.0.11
         * Fix : Error occurred message was appearing on some appointment products when deposit is enabled
         * Improvement : available payment plan setting override for variation products

13/02/2021 version 3.0.10
         * Feature : added setting "Order fully paid status" to set order status when all partial payments are complete and added filter "wc_deposits_order_fully_paid_status"
         * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.0.0
         * enhanced compatibility code with bundled products
         * Minor bug fix

11/02/2021 version 3.0.9
         * Minor bug fix to recalculating deposit discounts in order editor.

10/02/2021 version 3.0.8
         * improved grouped products handling
         * improved experience with changing variations by adding overlay while deposit values are being refreshed.
         * added filter "wc_deposits_add_to_cart_deposit_override" , allowing to override deposit values while adding to cart
         * Minor bug fix

01/02/2021 version 3.0.7
         * Tweak : improved compatibility with woocommerce bookings by woothemes
         * Minor bug fix

29/01/2021 version 3.0.6
         * fix : fixed an issue of new order email not being sent in some cases.
         * fix : display formatted & translated order status name "Partially Paid" instead of slug 'partially-paid' in emails.

28/01/2021 version 3.0.5
        *  minor enhancements to payment plans calculations
        *  Minor bug fix

20/01/2021 version 3.0.4
        * Fix : corrected future payments on admin order editor page.
        * Fix : total payment plan display was not being updated on payment plan editor page load

19/01/2021 version 3.0.3
        * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 4.9.0
        * bug fix : Input for payment plans stuck when switching between amount types
        * Minor bug fixes

18/01/2021 version 3.0.2
        * Added setting to display & text tab to change the string "Payment Link".

16/01/2021 version 3.0.1
        * Minor bug fix to admin editor deposit recalculation modal

14/01/2021 version 3.0.0
        ** Note : this is a major release, if you are updating from a previous version then it is advised to run the update
                  on a staging site first and test functionality before updating live server.

        * Feature : Allowing Payment plans to be set for both product-based and checkout-mode deposits,
         payment plans can change total to less or more than 100% of price / total.
        * Feature : Allowing Deposit value of 0
        * Feature : More customizable deposit emails text & payment link values.
        * Tweak : Displayed strings are now more modified in a simpler way.
        * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 4.8.0

16/11/2020 version 2.5.40
        * Added plugin update notice for an upcoming major update (V.3.0)
        * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 4.7.0

23/07/2020 version 2.5.39
        * Minor bug fix
        * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 4.3.1

17/07/2020 version 2.5.38
        * Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 4.3.0
        * Minor bug fix

26/05/2020 version 2.5.36
        * Minor bug fix

23/05/2020 version 2.5.35
        * Minor bug fix

16/05/2020 version 2.5.34
        * Minor bug fix

08/05/2020 version 2.5.33
        * Minor bug fix

30/04/2020 version 2.5.32
        * Tweak : Admin partial payments page "Parent Order" column display  order number instead of  order id.
        * Minor bug fix

20/04/2020 version 2.5.31
        * Minor bug fix

05/04/2020 version 2.5.30
        * Minor bug fix with woocommerce versions 3.6.x

26/03/2020 version 2.5.29
        * Compatibility with woocommerce 4.0.1
        * Minor bug fix

06/03/2020 version 2.5.28
        * Compatibility class "WCDP_Partial_Payment_Invoice" can now be accessed via the plugin global $wc_deposits
05/03/2020 version 2.5.27
        * Minor bug fix

02/03/2020 version 2.5.26
        * Feature : based on several requests, we added a setting to control tax display in cart item details. The setting title is "Display Taxes In Cart Item Details"

27/02/2020 version 2.5.25
        * Bug fix : Cart tax display was not correct in specific scenarios.

26/02/2020 version 2.5.24
        * Minor bug fix

25/02/2020 version 2.5.23
        * Minor bug fix

19/02/2020 version 2.5.22
        * Minor bug fix

10/02/2020 version 2.5.21
        * Minor code enhancements to partial payments summary templates.

28/01/2020 version 2.5.20
        * Improvement : The setting ("display taxes" count taxes as part of deposits for purposes of display to the customer) only applies to product page now ( tax display included in deposit amount in cart always)
        * Bug fix : improved deposit calculation on product level for some different Woocommerce settings.

28/01/2020 version 2.5.19
        * Bug fix : partial payment id numbers in order received pages were not shown correctly
        * Minor changes to deposit calculation in cart to improve 3rd party compatibility

25/01/2020 version 2.5.18
        * Minor bug fix

23/01/2020 version 2.5.17
        * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.9.0
        * Minor bug fix
06/01/2020 version 2.5.16
        * Improved compatibility with WPML
        * Minor bug fix

15/12/2019 version 2.5.15
        * Partial payment order numbers now include parent order number
        * Fixed a bug with second payment link when order deposit is modified
        * Fixed issue with emaials additional content not being displayed

07/12/2019 version 2.5.14
        * added filter 'wc_deposits_partial_payment_title' allowing overriding title / date displayed in partial payments table
        * added filter 'wc_deposits_order_payment_schedule' allowing modifications to partial payment schedule upon order creation
        * minor bug fix

03/12/2019 version 2.5.13
        * Enhanced compatibility fix with Woocommerce bookings 1.15.0 and higher
        * Improved compatibility with "WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips" Plugin
        * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.8.1

29/11/2019 version 2.5.12
        * Enhancement : When deposit partial payment fails , Parent order status is set to failed.
        * Bug fixed : translations for some strings in admin dashboard were not being displayed
        * Bug fixed : calculations were wrong in some cases when applying coupons in checkout-mode
        * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.8.0

09/11/2019 version 2.5.11
        * Minor enhancements to deposit calculation code in cart
        * fixed a bug with wrong email being sent when payment method for second payment needs manual verification

03/11/2019 version 2.5.10
        * Bug fix : Bank details were not included in some partial payments emails when order has payment method "Direct bank transfer"
        * Improved compatibility with "WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips" Plugin
        * Minor bug fix

16/10/2019 version 2.5.9
        * Enhancement : Automatically sync second payment to pending status when an order is set to partially-paid.
        * Minor bug fix

11/10/2019 version 2.5.8
        * Improved compatibility with "WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips" Plugin
        * Bug fix : product-base second payment reminder field was not displaying correctly.
        * Minor bug fix

07/10/2019 version 2.5.7
        * Improved compatibility with "WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips" Plugin

04/10/2019 version 2.5.6
        * Display Improvements to order details on thank you page ( Modifications to template (order/wc-deposits-order-summary.php)
        * Added filters following filters to increase admin control over display:
                           - wc_deposits_thankyou_show_partial_payments_summary
                           - wc_deposits_email_show_partial_payments_summary
                           - wc_deposits_myaccount_show_partial_payments_summary

        * Minor bug fix

11/09/2019 version 2.5.5
        * Tweak :  Based on several requests, removed reference to partial payment number on thankyou page and will display only
            main order number for reference to avoid customer confusion
        * Tweak : added a setting which allows overriding form-pay.php template to display original order details during partial payment.

        * Tweak : enhanced Woocommerce bookings by WooThemes compatiblity. when deposit is paid , booking status is automatically
            transitioned to partially-paid
        * Minor bug fix

        11/09/2019 version 2.5.4
        * minor bug fixes

30/08/2019 version 2.5.3
        * minor bug fixes

21/08/2019 version 2.5.2
        * minor bug fix

14/08/2019 version 2.5.1
        * minor bug fixes
        * removed filter "wc_deposits_product_deposit_amount_before_display" , use filter "wc_deposits_product_deposit_amount" instead.
        * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.7.0

07/06/2019 version 2.5.0

        * Set minimum woocommerce version to 3.6.0
        * Added partially paid orders count to woocommerce status widget
        * Reworked payments system for better compatibility with most gateway plugins
        * Removed Gateway compatibility settings as they are no longer required
        * Removed "-WCDP" suffix from order numbers as it is no longer required with new logic
        * Added setting "Days before Second Payment is due" which sets the due date for second payment

05/06/2019 version 2.4.11

        * minor bug fix

01/06/2019 version 2.4.10

        * minor bug fix with refunds
        * minor bug fixes

28/05/2019 version 2.4.9

        * minor bug fix with cart sessions

25/05/2019 version 2.4.8

        * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.6.3

11/05/2019 version 2.4.7

        * minor update to woocommerce reports for deposits
        * minor bug fixes to deposit calculations and rounding

25/03/2019 version 2.4.6

        * fix : adjust deposit / full values if user choose deposit, proceed to payment gateway then hit back in browser to choose full amount
        * minor bug fixes
        * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.5.7

11/03/2019 version 2.4.5

        * Tweak : second payment settings will not display if  "Enable second payment" option is unchecked in settings
        * Tweak : product based second payment reminder  metabox will not display if  "Enable second payment" option is unchecked in settings
        * fix : disabled gateways in checkout mode were not showing up when paying full amount
        * minor bug fixes

08/03/2019 version 2.4.4
        * Tweak : removed -WCDP from order number if "Enable second payment" option is unchecked in settings
        * minor bug fixes

26/02/2019 version 2.4.3
        * minor bug fixes

23/02/2019 version 2.4.2
        * minor bug fix
18/02/2019 version 2.4.1

        * Translations updated ( added italian translation )
        * Prevented plugin from running on PHP versions lower than 5.6 for compatibility reasons
        * Minor bug fixes

07/01/2019 version 2.4.0

        * feature : (product based reminders for tours etc) send second payment reminder emails to all orders containing a product on a specific date in the future.
        * feature : added option to disallow specific gateways for user making second payment
        * fixed bug with disabling deposit for user roles in checkout mode
        * Minor bug fixes

10/12/2018 version 2.3.9
        * feature : Choose how to handle cart discount ( deduct from deposit / from second payment )
        * feature : Enable / Disable deposit functionality for selected user roles
        * feature : Enable / Disable deposit functionality for guests ( non logged-in users )
        * fix : fixed display bug of deposit row in checkout mode
        * fix : fixed display bug of negative second payment when discount is more than deposit amount

10/12/2018 version 2.3.8
        * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.5.2
        * Updated plugin translations
        * fix : fixed a bug with forcing deposit in single product
        * fix : fixed a bug with wrong tax split calculations if prices are inclusive of tax
        * fix : fixed a price display issue if prices are inclusive of tax
        * fix : decimals were not being saved in admin order editor if decimal separator is not a dot
        * fix : prevent cart item duplicates with deposit if the product is set to be individually sold
        * fix : corrected payment_complete order status when paying second payment and order status is failed
        * feature : added setting to show "has deposit" column in admin order list table

24/10/2018 version 2.3.7
        * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.5.0
        * fix : updated some deprecated code

07/09/2018 version 2.3.6
        * fix : fatal error when plugin activated on some environments
        * fix : minor issue with new variations feature.
06/09/2018 version 2.3.5
            * fix : changed plugin update server values to fix a connectivity problem with previous update server.
            * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.4.5

29/08/2018 version 2.3.4
            * Feature : support for variable deposit settings override ( each variable can have it own deposit settings )

19/07/2018 version 2.3.3
            * Minor bug fix for older versions of PHP

10/07/2018 version 2.3.2

            * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.4.3
            * Minor css fix for deposit button

05/07/2018 version 2.3.1

            * added hooks 'wc_deposits_settings_tabs' & 'wc_deposits_after_settings_tabs_content'
                allowing future plugin addons to show own settings tabs
            * Feature : plugin automatic update functionality added
            * minor bug fix

14/06/2018 version 2.3.0

            * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.4.2
            * Tweak : Reworked plugin settings pages to make it easier for store managers
            * Feature : added a setting allowing store manager to set a date
                        to send out second payment reminder email for all partially-paid orders.
            * Feature :  Added a setting allowing users to enable / disable order editing in partially-paid status
            * Feature :  Added Recalculate Deposit button in order editor
            * Tweak : Improved compatibility with Paypal Express checkout ( by WooThemes )
            * Minor bug fixes

24/05/2018 version 2.2.6
        * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.4.0
        * Tweak : enhanced price breakdown display for paypal gateway
        * feature : Option to split fees according to deposit amount
        * minor bug fixes

10/02/2018 version 2.2.5
        * Compatibility with woocommerce 3.3.1
        * Bug fix : compatibility issue for deposit slider on Firefox / IE

05/01/2018 version 2.2.4
        * Bug fix : minor localization issues

        * Bug fix : checkout mode buttons disappear when default selection is set to Full Amount

        * Tweak : Added 'Mark partially paid' to orders bulk actions
        * Minor bug fixes.

23/11/2017 version 2.2.3
        * Bug fix : deposit calculation issue with woocommerce bookings person types fixed

18/11/2017 version 2.2.2

       * Bug fix : Deposit status display in my account page was not correct when order status is changed manually

15/11/2017 version 2.2.1

       * Bug fix : Product Purchase not was not displaying partially-paid emails
20/10/2017 version 2.2.0

       * Woocommerce 3.2 compatiblity
       * Dropped support and compatibility for woocommerce versions below 3.0
       * minor bug fixes
19/10/2017 version 2.1.8

       * tweak : added filter "wc_deposits_deposit_breakdown_tooltip_labels" which allows overriding labels in deposit breakdown tooltip
       * Tweak : modifications to deposit breakdown tool-tip , allowing to unset any tool-tip values.

09/10/2017 version 2.1.7

       * Bug fix : some user added text were not getting translated properly & other translation fixes

04/10/2017 version 2.1.6
       * Tweak : User added text in settings can now be translated

04/10/2017 version 2.1.5

       * fixed a bug : on deposit payment, order status was updating to processing instead of partially-paid with some payment gateways.

24/09/2017 version 2.1.4

    * Tweak : enhanced display of deposit and second payment in customer emails
    * fixed a bug :  wrong amount was displaying in customer email if user choose to pay deposit by check then second payment by check as well

16/09/2017 version 2.1.3
    * fixed a bug  : deposit calculation in checkout mode was not correct for some cases
    * minor bug fixes

30/08/2017 version 2.1.2

    * Tweak : added filter "wc_deposits_is_product_deposit_enabled" to override whether deposit is enabled or not on product-level
    * Tweak : added filter "wc_deposits_product_force_deposit" to override whether deposit is forced or not on product-level

14/08/2017 version 2.1.1

    * Feature : possibility to split taxes cost on deposit / second payment according to amounts
    * Feature : deposit-breakdown explanation tooltip next to deposit amount title in cart & checkout
    * Improved compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles
    * added filter "wc_deposits_cart_item_deposit_data" to allow overriding deposit values for each individual cart item
    * minor bug fixes

11/07/2017 version 2.1.0

    * Marked setting "Display Taxes" as Deprecated
    * Feature : Strings Override section in settings, allows changing of all frontend text displayed to customer
    * Tweak : Deposit slider buttons are now loaded as a woocommerce template, it can be overwritten in parent / child theme

08/07/2017 version 2.0.10

    * fixed a bug : for some cases stock was not reducing when paying full amount
    * fixed a bug with  subscription products
10/06/2016 version 2.0.9

* minor bug fixes
* Tweak : deposit button will not display in checkout mode if deposit amount is 0 or less

24/05/2017 version 2.0.8

* rewritten email templates to match woocommerce latest templates
* minor bug fixes in order editor
* removed some legacy code
* other minor fixes

22/05/2017 version 2.0.7

* fixed a bug with deposit calculation

20/05/2017 version 2.0.6
* compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.7
* Feature : checkout-based deposit mode added ( available for Woocommerce 3.0.0+ )
* updated translations

26/04/2017 version 2.0.5

* compatibility with woocommerce 3.0.4
* enhancements to Woo Subscriptions compatibility on product page
* Feature : new email template : Second Payment Reminder ( available for Woocommerce 3.0.0+ )
* Feature : added the ability for admin to set up reminder email of second payment to be sent automatically to customer after * number of days ( available for Woocommerce 3.0.0+ )

* added resend partially-paid and second-payment reminder emails to order actions, resend order emails section ( available for Woocommerce 3.0.0+ )
* updates to deposit calculations interface in admin order area ( based on product deposits and taxes/fees/shipping handling settings)
* fixed an error with refunded orders in order management admin page

16/04/2017 version 2.0.4

* compatibility with woocommerce 3.0.3
* product editor and bulk editor compatibility with woocommerce 3.0.* CRUD
* Woo Subscriptions compatibility : deposit calculation now applies on sign-up fee and ignores recurring subscription fees.
* Featured : added option that allows user to choose when to collect fees (either with deposit or second-payment)
* fixed a bug with incorrect deposit amount when changing order total after it becomes already partially-paid
* fixed a bug with email templates
* added filters 'woocommerce_deposits_cart_deposit_amount' and 'woocommerce_deposits_cart_second_payment_amount' allowing overriding of deposit and second-payment amounts in cart/checkout
* fixed a bug with some emails failing to send due to empty body error
* some improvements to "update outdated orders" tool

10/04/2017 version 2.0.3
* Deposit status row removed from order received and email templates because of a bug with woocommerce caching, it still is viewable from myaccount page
* Implemented wc-deposits-legacy classes for backward compatibility
* replaced all product/order meta updating functions to use woocommerce 3.0+ CRUD
* fixed a bug with variations product not working
* updated email templates to be fully functional with woocommerce 3.0

1/04/2017 version 2.0.2
* Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0
* Feature : added gateway compatibility enhancement section to settings (with a single option currently)
* updated translations

29/03/2017 version 2.0.1
* Compatibility with Woocommerce 2.6.14
* Feature : added option that allows user to choose when to collect taxes (either with deposit or second-payment)
* Feature : added option that allows user to choose when to collect shipping (either with deposit or second-payment) , please note that shipping taxes are collected with taxes
* Feature : added option to use basic radio buttons for deposits in product pages,helpful in cases where there are multiple deposit buttons in the same page or when there are css conflicts
* Tweak : deposit & remaining fields won't display in cart / checkout/ emails if there is no deposit in cart /order
* fixed a bug  of some orders displaying incorrect price amounts
* fixed a minor display bug with order editing page
* fixed a bug which caused partially-paid orders to get cancelled if making second payment fails
* fixed a bug that caused "pay" button to display to customers even if second payment is disabled by admin
* fixed a compatibility bug with woocommerce bookings that caused fatal error to occur when trying to access bookings
* fixed a minor bug wih decimal separator in admin order editing area
* added compatibility with Payment Gateway Based Fees
* Improved compatibility with Woocommerce Bookings and Woocommerce Appointments
* Feature : added options to change deposit button colors
* updated translations

2016.03.29 - version 1.6
* Fix stock reduction not working in rare cases.
* Don't modify order totals after order completion.
* Overhaul of the order editor logic.
* Fix "Amount Paid:" and "To Pay:" in contextual situations.
* Fix order totals with WooCommerce 2.5.
* Fix email templates with WooCommerce 2.5.
* Support for Composite Products. You must add a deposit percentage to at least one component.
* Don't hide any items in order editor.
* Hide `Remaining Amount` on final payment.
* Fix an issue with emails and the remaining amount.
* Fix a rounding issue.
* Fix a bug with WooCommerce Bookings.

2016.01.20 - version 1.5.1
* Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5.
* Generate unique order numbers based on order status. (Better compatibility with gateways)
* Fixed bug with variable products and Booking System PRO.
* Fixed translations having the wrong file names.
* Misc. UI bug fixes.

2015.06.02 - version 1.5
* Added new translations: Arabic, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish.
* Added bulk editing.
* Added WooCommerce reports.
* Added new email templates: partial payment emails to the customers now contain a payment link.
* Added the option to prevent customers from making the second payment.
* Added stock reduction options. (On deposit/full payment)
* Extra filters to control items passed to the gateway.
* Change 'Paid Today:' to 'To Pay:' in the cart as well as the checkout page.
* Set explicit price on line items on second payment.
* Fixed typos in email description and the admin interface.
* Fixed stylesheet priority.
* Fixed WooCommerce detection in multi-site configurations.
* Fixed calculation of order total when manually creating new order.

2015.03.01 - version 1.4.2
* Fixed issue with deposit metadata handling.
* Hide everything without a remaining amount from the second payment.
* Fix WooCommerce colour selection.
* Changed 'Paid Today:' to 'To Pay:'

2015.02.12 - version 1.4.1
* WooCommerce 2.3.x compatibility.
* Fixed missing translations.
* Fixed a potential rounding issue.
* Fixed order editor bug preventing setting the remaining amount to 0.
* Removed redundant price suffixes.
* Fixed rare bug in the enumeration of variable products.
* Restore deposit/price range upon clearing variable product selection.
* Don't display 'per item' for products sold individually.

2015.01.02 - version 1.4
* Applied coupon discounts will now subtract from the remaining amount rather than the deposit amount when appropriate.
* The 'Paid Today' and 'Remaining' fields are now displayed after 'Order Total' in the cart totals.
* Manually marking orders with a deposit as complete clears the remaining balance.
* Only enqueue front-end scripts and styles on product pages with deposits enabled.
* Fixed tax display option always activating.
* Fixed misc. translations.
* Fixed deposit button CSS and expanded gradient browser support.
* Added minimum-maximum deposit display for variable products when a percentage is used.
* Added dynamic client-side deposit display for variable products.

2014.11.03 - version 1.3.2
* Fixed product tax display. (Since tax is always collected upfront)
* Added the option to add taxes to the deposit for purposes of display.

2014.10.31 - version 1.3.1
* Fixed PayPal cart issues with partial payments.

2014.10.29 - version 1.3
* Added 'Partially paid' order status.
* Added editable deposit fields in the order editor admin back-end.
* Added the ability for the customer to pay the remaining amount.
* Added email hooks for the new order status.
* Added additional security checks.
* Fixed conditional payment gateway disabling logic.
* Fixed initial status for the deposit switch.
* Fixed order-specific currency display in order admin view.
* Fixed order-specific currency display in emails and the checkout page.

2014.10.25 - version 1.2.1
* Fixed a security issue.
* Updated totals display in the 'my account' page.
* More small fixes.

2014.10.24 - version 1.2
* Added the ability to change the button text for the deposit options.
* Added the ability to select the default deposit option when adding to cart.
* Fixed links in custom messages in the add-to-cart form.
* Some small fixes.

2014.10.22 - version 1.1
* Added the ability to disable specific payment gateways when there's a deposit in cart.
* Added the ability to disable all deposit functionality site-wide.
* Added the ability to show custom messages in the add-to-cart form.
* New site-wide settings tab in the WooCommerce settings.
* A number of small fixes.

2014.10.16 - version 1.0
 * First Release.